An Update On The Red Line

Last week, I and several Senators who represent districts along the Red Line met with Brian Shortsleeve, the Chief Administrator of the MBTA and Jeff Gonneville, the Chief Operating Officer to discuss long-term plans to improve the performance of the Red Line.

Currently, commuters are serviced by Red Line cars that are nearly three generations old. As a result, the oldest vehicles have millions of miles on them. Due to this overuse, cars face mechanical problems - on any given day, up to 50 cars are in the shop for repairs. These issues, along with signal outages, often contribute to cancellations and delays. Currently, the MBTA is improving train tracks and carefully studying ways to refine the signal system.

In 2014, the MBTA set a plan to replace the oldest two generations of Red Line cars with new ones. New cars will begin to arrive in 2019 and will continue to arrive through 2022. The new vehicles will be able to accelerate and stop at a quicker rate, which will increase overall efficiency. The MBTA hopes to eventually replace the entire fleet of Red Line cars, which could increase capacity up to 50%.

With these changes, the efficiency of the Red Line will slowly but surely improve over the next many years. The MBTA is aware of the many complications you face on the Red Line and is working diligently to enhance your overall subway experience. As your State Senator, I am determined to do everything I can to improve your commute to and from work and will continue to support efforts to increase subway performance and safety.