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 S 169 An Act relative to workforce competitiveness trust fund - sent to study

S 169 This bill would make an annual transfer from the Gaming Economic Development Fund of any amount up to $5M if the fund has assets at a level above $2M. In addition, 40% any revenue directed at the GEDF will be transferred from that fund into the Workforce Competitiveness Trust Fund.

S 352 An Act to prevent the use of the most dangerous pesticides - sent to study

S 352 This bill will create a subcommittee of the pesticide board charged with compiling a list of pesticides known to be carcinogenic, mutagenic, or toxic to development or reproduction. These pesticides will then be prohibited for use by the state, municipal government, schools, daycare centers, hospitals, health care facilities, or public housing buildings or grounds and by licensed pesticide applicators. These measures would limit the amount of exposure sensitive populations experience to the most dangerous pesticides. Agricultural uses of these pesticides are exempt in this bill.

S 354 An Act relative to healthy families and businesses - with Senate Ways and Means

S 354 This bill would establish a process to identify toxic chemical substances used in consumer products sold in the Commonwealth. It establishes a process to by which safer alternatives to these chemical substances are identified and a plan is put in place to replace the the chemical substance with the safer alternative.

S 906 An Act relative to assisted outpatient treatment - sent to study

S 906 This legislation would allow providers to protect mentally ill persons whose ability to make informed decisions about their care is impaired by their illness. Allows the superintendent of any public or private facility or hospital authorized for the commitment or treatment of mentally ill persons, any physicians, psychiatrists, licensed psychologists, LICSW, psychiatric nurse clinical specialists to petition district court for outpatient commitment for any patient that they determine is mentally ill and displays one or more of the specified criteria. Any petition will include a written outpatient treatment plan prepared by those familiar with the patient’s case history and approved by the superintendent or physician in charge. Prior to the commitment to outpatient treatment, the patient will be provided copies of the court order and full explanations of the approved treatment plan. The patient’s treatment plan will be reviewed every thirty days. The outpatient commitment will be converted to an inpatient commitment if the patient is non-compliant to the terms of the treatment plan and the court orders placement into an inpatient treatment program. The medical director may petition the court at any time to terminate the outpatient commitment if the outpatient treatment is no longer appropriate. Any person may also petition the court to terminate the patient from the outpatient commitment.

S 1472 An Act relative to state contracting - with Senate Ways and Means

S 1472 This bill would protect the state and municipal procurement process by ensuring that any bidder on contracts for building maintenance, cleaning or security services must follow the state prevailing wage law. In addition, contractors with poor records of compliance with state and federal laws would be disfavored in the bidding process, just as they are in the public construction contract process.

S 1655 An Act establishing a more equitable public transit fare structure - sent to study

S 1655 This bill would take many steps to ensure the public transit system has a sustainable revenue producing fare system and that it is accessible by people of all income levels. It would give equitable guidelines for many of the discounted fare programs of the MBTA and the RTAs across the commonwealth. It would also create a youth pilot pass program to study the feasibility of low fares for different youth populations.

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